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Blooming Clematis Therapy & Consulting was founded in 2023 to support individuals, families, and professionals through affordable services and training. Our providers believe strongly in providing accessible and affordable therapy services, trainings, and supervision to Arizona residents. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for learning and growth.

Need Support Now?

All providers currently have availability to enroll new clients within 2 weeks! Reach out today and schedule to begin your healing journey!


We are now offering groups! More details HERE

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Special Event

Blooming Clematis Therapy & Consulting is proud to be a vendor at an upcoming fundraiser and Mental Health Awareness event for Phoenix Pride. 

Attendance is free and vendors will be promoting services, mental health knowledge, giving away fun gifts and swag, and leading attendees through free activities. 

This event is free and open to all ages!

Why Blooming Clematis?

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The Clematis flower is said to symbolize wisdom, mental acuity, aspiration and mischief. Clematis flowers are determined and clever in the ways they seek out the sun, often climbing up and over buildings or even other flowers. To achieve their highest potential and reach towards the sky, they reflect strength and resilience by breaking apart and sprouting new tendrils to complete their journey. 



The therapists and trainers at Blooming Clematis Therapy believe that the process of personal and professional growth closely mimics the Clematis and its tenacity for working towards its goal of meeting the sky. Therapy and professional development can often feel hard, exhausting emotionally, and require sacrifice. We believe that harnessing the mischievous and creative strength of the Clematis will provide the path to the ultimate goal of personal development. 


Our Space

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